Fireline Shields Custom Firefighter Radio Straps


custom firefighter radio strapLeather Radio Straps for Firefighters

  • Durable custom-made leather radio straps for fire, police and medic.

  • Our products make a statement on their own!

  • Important aspect of a firefighter’s gear and very personal to the firefighter wearing it

  • Fireline Radio Straps are 1-1/2” wide but custom widths are available.

  • Custom lengths available upon request.

  • No pop rivets or stitching to come apart over time. Simply the best all-around radio strap on the market today (Yes, we are biased!)


  • Small Radio Strap has an adjustment length of 51″ to 61″
  • Regular Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 54″ to 66″
  • XL Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 60″ to 70″
  • XXL Radio Strap has an Adjustable length of 68″ to 78″

Helpful tips to determine proper size:

  1. Take a piece of rope, body cord or even a string and hang it over your shoulder.
  2. Bring the cord together on your opposite side as if you were wearing a portable radio.
  3. With the radio at your desired height, hold the place on the cord where the radio will hang. (Most who use a radio strap hang the radio just below the belt line or where the radio  will hang out from under your bunker coat.)
  4. Take the cord and lay it out and measure the total length of the cord.
  5. Find the Radio Strap that best fits your length but will give you some adjustment on the Radio Strap.

More Information:

•    Fireline Radio Straps are made from the best leather on the market.
•    Each Radio Strap is handmade and hand-painted.
•    Your Radio Strap is Custom made to your size and order.
•    Each Strap is 1 1/2″ wide.
•    Heavy scissor snaps are placed on each end of your Radio Strap for quick use.
•    We put two mic.  holders on the strap, one at chest level & one at the shoulder level.
•    The ANTI-SWAY STRAP comes standard with your order.
•    Custom stamping is available on all Radio Straps (any color combination).  .25 Per letter or number.
•    We have standard logos available. Prices vary on each. (There is a list of standard logos below).
•    Custom COLOR straps are available upon request  ($10 charge for custom color straps).
•    We use a heavy duty double sided barrel buckle.


chrome-hardwareChrome Hardware
  • Is the standard on all radio straps.
  • Very Strong Metal.
  • Has a Brighter Finish.
  • Plating may wear  (could rust or corrode over time).
  • Included in the price.



brass-hardwareBrass Hardware
  • Will not rust or corrode.
  • Has a bright polished finish.
  • Will tarnish over time.
  • Brass is a soft metal & wears.
  • $15 extra.



stainless-steel-hardwareStainless Steel Hardware
  • Stainless Steel is very strong.
  • The most durable of all hardware.
  • Will NOT rust or corrode.
  • Has a Brushed Polished finish.
  • $20 Extra



Black Hardware
  • Black Hardware
  • The most Unique of all hardware.
  • Rust Resistant
  • Has a Semi-Gloss Polished finish.
  • $10 Extra



Personal Information

Radio Strap Information

Radio Case

Please indicate what model radio you use or the total height of the radio in the description below. If you want anything placed on the case include that in the description also.

Additional Details

Please describe the way you would like the radio strap to look. Include text and color. Any logos and where you want them placed on the Radio Strap. Sample Description: I would like a shamrock before my name JOHN BROWN and a Star of Life after my name. All letters and numbers in red with white outline. At the bottom of the radio strap I would like 033893. On the front of the strap between the mic. holders put CFD in red with white outline.
Upload a picture or artwork here.
If needed, upload a second file.

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