Radio Straps

Fireline Radio Straps

  • The base price for radio straps ( $55 ).
  • Includes sizes Small to XXL (XXL +$5)
  • Brown, Red, and Pink Straps are available for an additional $10.
  • Each Letter or Number is $0.25 each.
  • Standard Fire Department logos are priced from $5 to $10. Click here to see our standard logos.
  • Custom Logos can be added to any strap and are priced upon request.
  • View a sample of Paint Colors by Clicking Here.

Radio straps are designed to be worn under your coat. Make sure the radio hangs low enough to be accesible from under the edge of your turnout coat and SCBA waist strap.

Under your gear it is not as likely to snag stuff or get caught up in your SCBA straps when donning/doffing the pack and especially if you're trying to do an emergency low profile maneuver.

There have been debates about the inability of the user to wear the strap under a coat that has zipper closed and Velcro.  It's been done for years and it works great. Just pull the mic up and over the top of the closure, hanging it out the front and clip it back to the collar or storm flap of your gear.

Sizing Information


  • Small Radio Strap has an adjustment length of 51" to 61"
  • Regular Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 54" to 66"
  • XL Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 60" to 70"
  • XXL Radio Strap has an Adjustable length of 68" to 78"

Helpful tips to determine proper size:

  1. Take a piece of rope, body cord or even a string and hang it over your shoulder.
  2. Bring the cord together on your opposite side as if you were wearing a portable radio.
  3. With the radio at your desired height, hold the place on the cord where the radio will hang. (Most who use a radio strap hang the radio just below the belt line or where the radio will hang out from under your bunker coat.)
  4. Take the cord and lay it out and measure the total length of the cord.
  5. Find the Radio Strap that best fits your length but will give you some adjustment.

Radio Strap Order Form

Personal Information

Radio Strap Information

Please indicate what model radio you use or the total height of the radio in the description below. If you want anything placed on the case include that in the description also.
Additional Details
Please describe the way you would like the radio strap to look. Include text and color. Any logos and where you want them placed on the Radio Strap. Sample Description: I would like a shamrock before my name JOHN BROWN and a Star of Life after my name. All letters and numbers in red with white outline. At the bottom of the radio strap I would like 033893. On the front of the strap between the mic. holders put CFD in red with white outline.
Upload a picture or artwork here.
If needed, upload a second file.