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Starting January 1, for every item purchased, we will donate a meal for a child AND a meal for a rescue animal!
We are partnering with an amazing international group who provide meals for children in the US and 70 different countries. The rescue group we are partnering with is local to us and are diligent in providing food and care for stray, abandoned and abused animals. We will announce the groups in the near future to provide an opportunity for our customers to become more familiar with whom we are partnering to make a difference in children and animals lives, hopefully for a long time to come! Stay tuned and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Fireline Shields Leather Works is proud to offer a wide range of top quality leather helmet shields, radio straps, glove straps, gifts and other products for the fire service. We've developed a process that allows us to uniformly fill large quantity orders and still offer the same tough quality and great looks as the one-of-a-kind full custom shield.

We're inspired by the richest traditions of the fire service. We're very proud in our ability to specialize in custom, leather fire helmet shields.  Here at FLS, shield-making is considered an art form... an extension and expression of a firefighter's character.

Every front we build is handmade using only the finest, hand-picked leather. Each member here at Fireline Shields takes great pride in their ability to produce a customer's idea into a one of a kind work of art. We build all our shields and other quality leather products for the fire service at our location in Cornelius, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte.

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updated June 1, 2019

 The Fireline Shields Mission:

Our mission is to provide our brothers and sisters in emergency services with products that are second to none. We're a company with over 60 years combined service as firefighters. We make premium leather products that will stand up to the stress of the job as well as you do.

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Black Hardware & Glove Straps (Brown & Black)

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