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The Radio Straps that we have designed are a little different than the other Radio Straps I have seen. I have had several radio straps over the past 30 years and decided to make some changes to fit what we feel is needed on the fire grounds.

Please read all of the information about the Radio Straps before ordering. This will help to answer most questions.


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1. Fireline Radio Straps are made from the best Leather on the market.

2. Each Radio Strap is hand made and hand painted.

3. Your Radio Strap is Custom made to your size and order.

4. Each Strap is 1 1/2" wide  leather.

5. The leather is oil died completely through to insure long life.

6. Heavy scissor Snaps are placed on each end of your Radio Strap for quick use.

7. We put two mic.  holders on the strap, one at chest level & one at the shoulder level.

8. Four sizes available;  Short, Regular, XL and XXL

 9. Regular Radio Straps are adjustable  from 54" to 66"

10. XL Radio Straps are adjustable from 60" to 70"

11. XXL Radio Straps are adjustable from 68" to 78"

12. The ANTI SWAY STRAP comes standard.

13. Custom Stamping is available on all Radio Straps,  Any color combination.   0.25 per letter or number

14. We have standard logos available. Prices vary on each. ( There is a list of standard logos below )

15. Custom COLOR straps are available on request ( There is a $10 charge for Custom color radio straps )

16. We use a Heavy duty double sided barrel Buckle.

17. Three types of hardware available, Standard Chrome Plated,  Solid Brass $15 & Stainless Steel $25

  • Here are the standard logos we have available at this time.
  • A standard logo is any logo that can be used more than once.
  • If you have a logo you need that is not on the list, you can request to have a custom logo made.
  • I will be adding more standard logos as they come about.
  • Each Standard logo is price accordingly
  • Custom logos are priced upon request




Maltese Cross



Crossed Axes



Jaws of Life

Jaws of Life

LOGO #10
Scull & Bones

LOGO #11
Texas Flag

LOGO #12

LOGO #13
Lucky 13

LOGO #14
Two Bugles

LOGO #15
Five Bugles

LOGO #16

LOGO #17
704 Placard

LOGO #18

LOGO #19


Black Radio Strap
Standard Color

Standard Color


Pink Radio Strap
Blue Radio Strap Green Radio Strap
Red Radio Strap

Chrome Plated Hardware:

1. Is the standard on all radio straps
2. Very Strong Metal
3. Has a Brighter chrome Finish
4. Plating may wear
5. Could Rust or Corrode over time
6. Included in the price

Brass Hardware:

1. Brass is very strong
2. Will not Rust or Corrode
3. Has a bright polished finish
4. Will tarnish over time.
5. Needs to be polished about once a year.
6. $15 extra.

Stainless Steel Hardware:
1. Stainless Steel is very strong
2. Will not Rust or Corrode
3. Has a Polished finish
4. $25 Extra

What size radio strap do you need ?
Here is a way for you to determine what size radio strap will work the best for you.

* The Radio Straps come in three different sizes.

* A Regular Radio Strap will work for 75% of us.

* The Regular Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 54" to 66"

* The XL Radio Strap has an adjustable length of 60" to 70"

* The XXL Radio Strap has an Adjustable length of 68" to 78"


1. Take a piece of rope, body cord or even a string and hang it over your shoulder.

2. Bring the cord together on your opposite side as if you were wearing a radio strap.

3. Hold a place on the cord where the radio will fit you. Most who use a radio strap hang the radio just below the belt line or where the radio will hang out from under your bunker coat.

4. Take the cord and lay it out and measure the total length of the cord.

5. Find the Radio Strap that best fits you length but will give you some adjustment on the Radio Strap. For Example, the length of my cord was 61" so the regular strap will fit me the best and still gives me some adjustment on the Radio Strap.

Here is the way the Radio Strap is worn .
This gives you an idea of how the radio strap is to be fitted.
If you look close you can see how the strap is fitted. The radio strap fits with adjustments up or down.

As fire fighters ourselves we do not recommend wearing the radio straps outside of your bunker coat. This will cause an entanglement hazard.

 We recommend that you wear the radio strap under your bunker coat so that the radio hangs just below the bottom of your coat.

 Take the mic. and pull it out of your coat around the top of the collar. This way you have access to the radio and mike during operations.

Special prices for orders of 10 or more radio straps.
(  Custom Stamping is not available for the special prices )

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