Firefighter Leather Helmet Shields

Fireline Shields Leather Works is proud to offer a wide range of top quality leather helmet shields. We have developed a process that allows us to uniformly fill large quantity orders  but still offer the same tough quality and great looks as the one of a kind full custom shield.

Inspired by the richest traditions of the fire service. We are very proud in our ability to specialize in custom one of a kind leather helmet shields.  Here at FLS, shield-making is considered an art form, an extension and expression of a firefighters character. Every front we build is hand-made using only the finest hand picked leather. Each member here at Fireline Shields takes great pride in their ability to produce a customer's idea into a one of a kind work of art.

6" Leather Helmet Shields

FNDY Passport Shields

FLS Passport Shields

Hand Carved Full Custom Shields

GILLIS Shields

BOSTON Shields