Fireline Products


Leather Helmet Shields

  • – FLS offers a wide variety of shields.
  • – We can accommodate any size department.
  • – Each order, from small to large to custom is handled in a timely manner.
  • – All shields are hand painted to your specifications.
  • – Any color combination.
  • – 14 ounce solid one piece construction.
  • – Lots of standard layouts to mix and match.

    – Each shield is numbered and hand signed.


Leather Radio Straps

  • – Without exception, the best radio straps made.
  • – 1 1/2″ wide leather – four standard sizes to choose from (we will also customize the length of your radio strap).
  • – Three types of hardware to choose from: Chrome, Brass & Stainless Steel
  • – Colors available:  Black, Brown, Red, Pink and Green
  • – Many standard logos to choose from and we are adding more all the time.
  •    (We also have the ability to make custom logos for you).
  • – The Anti – Sway Strap is included with your Radio Strap order.
  • – No pop-rivits or stitching to come apart.
  • – Add a radio case to your order and receive a combination price.


Leather Radio Cases

  • – Solid one piece construction (no stitching).
  • – We only use welded Chicago screws (no pop-rivits).
  • – Choose from three sizes of cases.
  • – Have up to four letters, initials,or logo engraved.
  • – Standard and custom logos available.
  • – Hardware: Your choice of Brass or Chrome.